venerdì 20 giugno 2014

Urania Gazelli: a clutch world

Urania Gazelli is a new brand of accessories specialized in clutches, the name was inspired by the grandmother of the Greek designer Urania Giourmetaki. Studies in industrial design and a bachelor from Middlesex University of London, Urania has founded her personal brand in the spring of 2010 when she started experimenting with shapes. The initially idea was of making a plexiglass clutch for her personal wardrobe, since many of the things that surround it are made of plexiglas; from her bed to most of her furnitures. 

After a lot of research and couple of years working on shapes and techniques the brand Urania Gazelli  made the first appearance in Paris Premiere Classe accessories. Her plexiglass handmade clutch bags are made in her homeland Greece, at the family business “Ranol” in Athens where they have a fully equipped factory with a large variety of machines and are specialized for over 25 years in interior design and especially in the field of special constructions using and combining plexiglass, inox and brass.


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  1. Adoro le clutch Urania! Una più bella dell'altra!

  2. sono bellissime! è un tipo di accessorio che ogni anno mi riprometto di comprare magari ai saldi, poi quando arriva il momento mi domando "ma quando mai le userò" e via si ricomincia!

  3. great pics! = ]


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  4. DAvvero originali! Lucy

  5. great details!
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