venerdì 18 maggio 2012

Clothes & Clip

Band: Florence and the Machine
Song: Shake it out
Inspiration: Long dresses, gold, masks, red, lace, hairstyle, Florence Welch
Eccovi l'ispirazione della settimana per la  rubrica "Clothes&Clip".
Ogni settimana sceglierò un video musicale in cui è presente un outfit o
uno stile di abbigliamento che mi piace e mi ispira.
Spero che questa iniziativa vi piaccia :)
Buon weekend
Here it is the inspiration of the week for  the new space on the blog "Clothes&Clip".
Every week I'll choose a music video with an outfit or style of clothing that I
like and inspires me. I hope you like it :)
Have a good weekend

3 commenti:

  1. I looove that song! She is an amazing woman!

  2. Molto interessante questa rubrica! ;) Ottima scelta! Adoro lo stile di questa cantante! :D

  3. Florence is so, so beautiful! I love her, her music, her style... and I'm so happy that she is coming to portugal for a concert! hehe

    I wanted to thank you for all the sweet comments you've been leaving on my blog, and I'm sorry for my absence... I'm been so busy and tired that sometimes I don't have time to pass by. I hope that I can come more often once this heavy period passes. =)

    So, see you around and sweet, sweet kisses!
    Love, Pi*