lunedì 5 dicembre 2016

Fashion In Page: Etro

The first monograph published on the acclaimed fashion house celebrates a brand famous for its lustrous fabrics and artisanal quality. Gimmo Etro founded the eponymous fashion company in 1968 with the launch of a range of fabrics made with noble and natural fibers embellished with original designs via an innovative color process. The company s signature paisley motif appeared in its first collection and quickly became an iconic design element. In 1981, Etro expanded into textiles for upholstered furniture, and leather goods were added in 1984 with a bag and valise collection in paisley jacquard fabric. In 1985, Etro launched the home accessories and complements collection, thus consolidating the brand s lifestyle concept. 

The 1990s saw the unveiling of the first men s and women s prêt-à-porter collections, their inventive and recherché style earning the label instant recognition. The materials and a special talent with prints are what make Etro unique and inimitable. The Etro family began using textiles and fashion as a mode of art as well as expression. Originally identified primarily with Gimmo, the founder, today the company is managed by the four children.


Through 300 color illustrations and photographs, " Vogue Italia" writer Renata Molho brings to life the paisley-dedicated fashion house and home-goods emporium originally dreamed up by Gimmo Etro. Celebrating a brand famous for its lustrous fabrics and artisanal quality, this acclaimed piece of work features the materials and prints that make Etro unique and inimitable.

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