sabato 4 ottobre 2014



Solidity of forms, quality of materials, refinement of tailoring and craftsmanship are all part of Maison IRERI; bags with a polished and elegant, attentive and precise allure that express a love of authentic beauty.

The union of art, tradition and drive towards new projects. A clear style, marked by materials and forms of the utmost finesse with personal and unique interpretations that make the IRERI brand the original expression of Italian craftsmanship.

A brand born, bred and nourished in the Florence of the great creators of works and artefacts. It develops and experiments with a combination of styles, the emblem of a heterogeneous and dynamic vogue. Bags made of select leathers, like sculptures made out of material enriched with colours and exquisite details and workmanship. Models with an astoundingly delicate and refined combination of leathers, colours and forms. Every IRERI bag, like a painter’s canvas, wants to relate an idea born of true passion and convey it through a unique interpretation of beauty in its truest form: simplicity.


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