lunedì 23 maggio 2011

Costume National Pop Collection

Sparkling notes of pink grapefruit and bittersweet raspberry pulp mingle with blackcurrant to make a joyful and energizing start. A floral heart of rose and jasmin discloses a strong, extremely feminine character. Patchouli heart, ambre gris and cashmeran wrap the bouquet with warmth, mistery and depth, revealing a sensual intensity.
The eau de parfum is pop-chic dressed: the bottle is painted turquoise, orange, red and blue. The colour is hidden by a soft touch white box, on which four embossed squares foreshadow the surprise on the inside: you never know what colour is waiting for you, you will find it out just when you open the box! You cannot help looking for the next colour and recreate your own collection!
PoP Collection eau de parfum is available only as 100ml size.

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